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One way to ensure quality, continuity, and accessibility is for the Burmese language to be taught at least at one Nordic university and it was agreed that this should be made a long-term objective of NOBUS. Likewise, a future research programme would ideally involve equal numbers of Nordic and Burmese scholars.

Future plans It was agreed that in its first stage NOBUS would work to establish and consolidate itself as a network for Nordic researchers. E-mail: per. What do scholars do when there is no written evidence? Use oral evidence, yes, but not if the period in question is prior to the twentieth century AD. This is the problem that faces would-be historians o f women, o f gender, and indeed social historians for Thailand in general. Are we at an impasse and forced to rule out a thousand years or more ofThai social history?

We are largely concerned with this third part, which frequently merges with the middle part, because this is where most of the portrayals of gender relations are displayed. There are two points of view whose authors shall be nameless! Neither camp, however, offers Division o f la b o u r evidence to support its views. We have at our disposal AD - When looking at them in Thai temples. Amongst other things, and the number of tasks performed these murals show ordinary people by Thai men alone were nine; and and their relations with one another.

The religious parts of there were some surprises, namely that there are several paintings of the murals dictate what ought to be women elephant drivers. Although done; the rest deal with real life. After this she goes on strike. This near not scene is afavourite of Thai muralists. There is. Men are occasionally shown preparing food,. Two mysteries also appeared. Given that rice cultivation must have been the principle task for most Thai families, why did we find only one rendering of it in a painting dated about ?

The second concerns the appearance of Mae Dhorani, the Earth Goddess, in the great scene where the evil Lord Mara attempts to distract Buddha from the meditation that will lead him to Enlightenment. This scene is portrayed in almost every temple in Thailand.

The armies raised by Mara are defeated, but only because Mae Dhorani wrings water out of her hair thus sweeping them away. These and other aspects are grounds for further investigation provided funds are forthcoming as proposed in our study of mural paintings of the Rattanakosin period from AD c.

This much richer collection promises to reveal much more about gender relations. E-mail: gnapat chula. At the time, Penang was part of Kedah, and Kedah was a vassal state of Siam. In April , the Dutch attacked Aceh. His bungalow has been restored by the authorities and now houses the Heritage Centre Penang. The famed Tengku Tjhik di Tiro, who was the most aggressive opponent in the fight against the Dutch, left for the Holy Land from Penang in the s. The Sheikh Haji. Acheen Street Mosque: This is a rare postcard we have never seen it published anywhere before].

The people are taking part in a consecration ceremony doa selamat fo r the building o f the mosque extension early 20th century], by the name Tanjung. This part of the town was named Acheen Street after its Acehnese settlers. His novel Iakah Salmah? Many of the leading journalists in Penang and Perak before the war were trained on the press at Medan. Many were political refugees and migrants.

Amin Nayan a Tamil Muslim convert. In Medan, he wrote for the periodicals PewartaDeli and Kompas. It was restored in with RM 2. The Gedong Aceh served as a kind of market place for buying and selling spices from Aceh. It was the first high-rise landmark in George Town and is to this day. E-mail: lubisksn pd.

Travelling in the Memoirs o f ibu S. Abdulrachman In , at the age o f 80, Ibu S. She explained to lowed by twenty-six parts pp. It is preserved ate family Her marriage is a fine example of this. In , at the age of nineteen, she was presented with a list of prospective husbands and was asked to make a choice.

But she asked herself how she could do that from among the unknown people on the list. She remembered how old people always said that marriage was like a lottery. If a girl was lucky, she would win first prize. The journey began in Garawangi in Cirebon, where she lodged with her grandparents, and proceeded to Dawuan, close to Cikampek where her parents lived at the time she wrote her memoirs.

Siti Kartijah made mention that she had forgotten most of the unpleasant experiences during her many travels. Some of the papers presented were conceptual in nature and looked at the region as a whole, while others concentrated on particular countries Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. It was in the tion. Raised Buniseuri to go to the station in in the Javanese aristocracy where the Ciamis.

In that distress we placed der. On the journey described ed her studies of the Koran she passed above, the dangerous and frightening a test at a ceremony where many guests attended. References Unfortunately, a political scientist Abdulrachman, Ibu S. Anne - W atson, C. A final manuscript should be ready for submission to a publisher Dr Lisbeth Littrup has worked as a in early Whatever the future tive and receptive at the same time.

It is geared to the needs o f of Indonesia will be, Indonesian will Dutch users for whom Indonesian is a foreign language, and remain a major world language and one for Indonesian users for whom the Dutch entries and their an essential means of access to the uses need extra clarification. Southeast Asian area. Indeed, Indonesian has changed called bahasa Indonesia or markets.

It is available: Teeuw, A. After three ucation after independence, in tioned as a second language. Indeed, njst fde,jamak: —j padi, betas, nasi; It has its emics as well as the general public. ATMA tivity around which other activities E-mail: pghatma pkrisc. The view tober One puzzle was why so little use the last stages of the Suharto regime.

Most of the editor of Tempo magazine. Inter alia, such looked grim indeed. A no longer make economic sense? Yet others South Australia. Kahin and his followers got it all took immense pains to review the E-mail: knight arts. We were reminded that, in so pros and cons of their database in a.

The meeting felt there was a need the importance of Thailand. It was quite should focus on defence and strategic clear that some business people had to issues. Dr Craig J. German Roberts, David W. The Centre was supported initially by a grant from the Commonwealth government to promote and co-ordinate Thai Studies in Australia with special attention to instruction in the Thai language.

B oundaries and territories are con cepts m o stly associated w ith th e d isc ip lin e o f geographers. When discussing geopolitics in Southeast Asia, one of the recurrent issues is the decreasing relevance of national boundaries.

Prof Martin Perry used a case study of the Singa-. The m e e tin g was d evoted to th e p resen tation o f current research by th ree overseas g u ests, viz. He followed up on his earlier presentation of his broad, long-term investigation of natural hazards in the Philippines. She is writing a book on the transformation of the Philippine middle class, while she is also engaged in a study of Philippine development discourse.

For those who reside in borderland areas, however, national boundaries. Income levels constrain the lifestyle. An extreme case of this is the borderland area between Thailand and Burma. Prof Carl Grundy-Warr presented his findings on the lives of the Burmese refugees on the Thai side of the border.

With regard to this, Dr Richard Derderian showed how tensions between newcomers and a settled majority in suburban France is not a recent phenomenon at all. His lecture dealt with the question of whether foreigners can contribute meaningfully to insight into Philippine culture and society. Professor Carl Grundy-W arr speaking a t the seminar. He emphasized that the process of defining immigrant minorities as problematic clearly reflects an elite perspective.

Dr Jacqueline Vel is a sociologist with a research interest in rural development in Indonesia. She is a lecturer at the University o f Amsterdam, and. E-mail: muysot euronet. Chinese Storytelling The interplay of traditions pinghua. Project the novel Water Margin Shuihuzhuan. International Workshop on Oral Literature in topics: listen to stories about old times. This enlighten the world, instruction inheart.

The professional oral books. The oraliand methodological tools, it is no less tern in Chinese storytelling. This has and improvisation. It has to the West in Yangzhou storytelling. A Thousand Years o f Chinese Storytelling: Storytelling as a professional genre o f oral entertainment goes back more than a thousand years in Chinese society. The new official system for romanizing Korean p. The odd errors are, however, not enough to irritate or lead to much confusion.

This dictionary is intended for those in need of a quick and adequate definition, explanation, or summary of facts. They now have an excellent tool at their disposal. Nor do to clarify a specific concept in more the now internationally acclaimed detail. In second edition. The inadequacy and the text, words that have their own somewhat outdatedness of quite a separate entry are printed in bold. There are two: an index of at midsummer.

In fact, the meat is personal names, and one of literary nowadays eaten throughout the year, and musical titles. It also claims that generic term. Some folksongs were simply guage materials, the adequacy and banned and others allowed since, in choice of the entries become an issue. One of the sang. There are still entry on p. Seoul: Korea to date. Its present use on clothing, on E-mail: roald. Schultz, Edward J. Groner, Paul. Arlette, and M atthi Forrer.

Qiaoxiang Ties Book introductions Why were cultural claim s so im p ortan t w h en overseas C hinese capital entered C hina d u rin g th e s and s? H o w im p ortan t is it for C h inese transnatio n a l enterprises to leave th eir su p p osed ly C h inese characteristics b eh in d in th eir stru ggle for survival in th e w orld market?

During the rest of the twentieth century, the Chinese state was vastly more powerful, but the deals about establishing business in China were negotiated from similarly incongruent positions between business people and officials. The other contributions, however, mostly contain disclaimers on this issue. In conclusion, it is imperative to study cultural phenomena in order to understand Chinese transnational entrepreneurship and enterprises in our frame of time.

A mansion in South Fujian, China, built in the early twentieth century by a Chinese lineage in Malaysia. It was intended to be used by the emigrants upon their return to China, but that return never happened. Because of their deviant historical trajectory the Siyi people, who originated from the Siyi region in Guangdong province, had become a marginal group among their fellow ethnic Chinese residents in Hong Kong, but they worked their way up by acting the roles assigned to them as Chinese overseas sojourners.

London: Kegan Paul International. Of particular importance when looking at the cultural grounding of institutions are the contributions by Dai Yifeng, Zhuang Guotu, and Song Ping, all from the PRC, dealing with donation and investment behaviour among overseas Chinese investors operating in South China.

E-mail: lm. Rector Kaare R. As the workshop was organized under the Chatham House Rule, it is not possible to quote what was said. The environment in the South China Sea is under severe stress. Some species of fish are rapidly being depleted. In disputed waters this is virtually impossible.

One factor that may contribute to reduction in the intensity of the disputes is that the prospects of finding substantial quantities of oil and gas are less promising than they had once seemed. Historically, the Paracel and Spratly Islands have been mainly a source of danger to shipping.

Taiwan-mainland relations are closely intertwined with the conflict in the South China Sea. A pattern of sustained economic development will depend on the continuation of this trend. A key step in paving the way for a solution to the South China Sea disputes is to decide if any of the small islets in the Spratly and Paracel areas fulfil the requirements for generating more than a twelve-nautical mile territorial sea - and if the answer is positive, how many. Also discussed was the content and structure of the final publication, scheduled for release in When surveys asked about.

Trust in institutions were also shown to be lower in the East, based on survey results. According to one. Despite these positive signs, the workshop was characterized by general pessimism. There does not seem to be much prospect of resolving the disputes. Publications The papers will not be published in a joint volume. Most have already done so.

The intention is to register on the workshop web site all the publications that come out of the workshop. E-mail: stein. Ability to think for oneself was considered to be very important in Denmark and Japan, but not so in Korea, where it might have been seen as an individual and, therefore, an egoistic trait. In a crossunimportant in Korea. Obedience cultural study, this aspect is even was not seen as very important.

To consider values prisingly it was more important in and norms from one civilization as Denmark than in Japan and Korea. In all three countries this was learn at home, they were prompted not considered to be very important. More countries will be included shortly.

Any comments to our work at this stage are appreciated and can be directed to the author. E-mail: Geir nias. Even though the com m on may take different turns in each o f the countries involved, em erging transnational processes and discussion contexts can still be discerned. This project intends to: - trace and analyse the conceptions on the political future evolved since the mid-nineties at three levels: 1 the political elite; 2 the intellectual elite;.

The project starts out with four basic questions regarding: r. The role of new entrepreneurs in social change and social structural change in Yi society; 2. The double role of entrepreneurs as social actors in the market place and as members of an ethnic group Yi is an important interface for our investigation. Such a double role can also be found in the ethnic entrepreneur. Here, ethnic mobility is concomitant with individual mobility.

The proposed project is based on four dimensions of investigation: 1. Simultaneously the project will research the link between ethnic entrepreneurship, ethnic identity, and ethnicity. The comparative dimension: we will investigate how Han and Yi entrepreneurs in the Liangshan Autonomous Region differ from one another.

Only through comparison is it possible to make significant statements about the complexes of ethnicity and ethnic identity. Moreover, the emer-. The new entrepreneurs also contribute to changing social structures and social mobilization.

Is there any link between the level of political discourse and the change in political structures such as the emphasis on village and communal elections in China and Vietnam? Does this lead to an application of Western democratic concepts or are there any efforts to draw a boundary between those concepts and syncretic indigenous conceptions?

E-mail: heberer uni-duisburg. Guidelines on publications, contact: exchange opportunities and a listing C h ristelle M azella of funding sources are also included. Braginsky s vines. Formulaic presentations during the conference. Finally, three quite different papers examined contemporary cultural tendencies.

The trend was nonmented the Dutch East Indies in the s. Hughes-Freeland noted a raphy with this recurring, broader. Sandra Dudley gave a presentation based on her research on the current cultural responses ofKarenni refugees living in camps in Thailand spawned by the cruelty of the Burmese military regime.

Finally, and above all, special thanks go to Mike Hitchcock for initiating and organizing such a stimulating gathering. E-mail: n. Prepared for the Japan Society of New York, where it remains until January , it will travel to five other museums until the year The apple in question was not just a meeting point of two of the most creative minds in the last fifty years.

The Japan Society had packaged the exhibition around the Beatlemania mythology and, to add to the confusion, the green apple was used in a publicity poster. There is no audience without promotion and, it would seem that Lennon still sells more than his famous widow. When Yoko Ono made this work, she was in transition between two types of production. Its own slow. Yoko Ono made this work in for her exhibition at the Indica Gallery in London, one o f the fundamental moments o f her public presentation as a sculptural artist.

Until then, Yoko Ono had been one o f the most respected figures o f the New York artistic vanguard. She had promoted and introduced new perspectives among the vanguard groups o f Manhattan, and had finally joined the multidisciplinary group o f artists and musicians who formed Fluxus in the late Fifties.

Lennon nonchalantly picked up the apple, took a bite, and put it back on the pedestal. Without a doubt, the period prior to this work is one which contains one of the major contributions of this exhibition - a moment at which neither coming from Asia nor being a woman had entered the histories of modernity. Internationalism Issues debated in the arts during the past few years have involved a widespread use of concepts like transculturalism and internationalism.

In fact, kokusai-teki dojisei international. Printing processes in public spaces, which would later be used by Yoko. E-mail: info gatefoundation. This re-invention has clearly begun with the opening of the first year of the new millennium. Kapur, who lives and works in New Delhi, has also incorporated the Bombay-based journalist Ashish Rajadhyaksha as associate curator and specialist for Indian cinema, Marathi theatre, and literature. Therefore, at a specific point in time these cities became transnational spaces, presenting a global perspective in the arts.

However, whereas the ideas. Although they would agree it began in the twentieth century the precise origin o f performance art has remained a point of discussion among many researchers in the field o f modern art history. As early as the s and s, Dada artists such as Tristian Tzara and Kurt Schwitters began to use performative acts as a means o f challenging the traditional representation o f art, moving art from museums to the streets. As a result, performance art has become one of the main forms of communicating identity, both at a personal level and in the wider context of society.

For the exhibition, Yu Yuon Kim, who has been curator for numerous exhibitions over the past decade,. Thematically, the works of art revolve around the human body and its role in urban, technological societies. Thom as J. Berghuis is a graduate o f the Department o f Sinology, Leiden University.

E-mail: info thegatefoundation. Established in by Ms. Geetha Mehra, the Sakshi Gallery consists o f a tw o level o f exhibition space at an old mill complex in Mumbai's Parel district. Wang Qiang, and Wang Jinsong. Panjaitan 4 1 Yogyakarta, 5 5 Tel. Photographs, videos, documentary films, digital art and performances w ill be on show. Please send all inform ation about activities and events relating to Asian art and culture to:.

Founded in , A r t Scene China showcases a wide selection o f artw orks by artists from China. The exhibition will also show traditional altars w ith pavilions and step altars from the Edo to Showa periods, as well as typical examples of Kyoto dolls, such as Gosho dolls and Saga dolls.

For this exhibition, the artists Sigit Pius, Bintang Hanggono. Furthermore, the museum organises frequent exhibitions on modern art from Korean artists. I O c to b e r - 31 D e c e m b e r Permanent Collection on Chinese Culture and Civilisation The exhibition introduces the visitors to the worlds of the Chinese scholar and the a rt of connoisseurs.

Every year the gallery holds a series of tem porary a rt exhibitions of both domestic and foreign artists. Based in eastern Java, and running from the 13th to the 16th centuries, it was the largest empire ever known in Southeast Asia. Featuring a large group of Southeast Asian artists, including Basuki Abdullah, Georgette Chen, and Hedi Hariyanto, the works range from conventional landscape paintings to more abstract spaces, including the body.

Jefferson Drive at 12th Streep S. Listing th e various galleries and museum s in the agenda, th e fo rm e r section on opening hours has been replaced w ith links to th e e-m a il addresses. Special features include a listing o f museums and galleries in Thailand, and detailed inform ation on.

Thai artists. C O M In d ia A rt: Web-site listing information on a rt in India, including a list of gallery addresses, and reproductions o f artw orks by Indian artists. C O M Chinese art. Upon entry, the visitor. Please contact the gallery fo r exact details on venues. Ever since, the gallery hold exhibitions o f both Vietnamese and foreign artists. Salon Natasha is the first private gallery in Hanoi.

A fte r serving fo r many years as a meeting place fo r independent. Gallery web-site listing exhibitions on art from the Philipines and information on Philipine artist. EastAsia] - Chinese Storytelling News] - Asia and Western D om inance Short news] - ICAS Asian Frontiers] - Interview with the Guest E ditors General News] - Gender and Transmission o f Values YES YokoOno] EastAsia] - Korea Alliance News] - New Alliance P ublication Its director reports on the accomplishments and future prospects.

Below follows a report on the seminar. In addition, the publication the year after. The main reasons for this had terdam. The authors proposed to study from a social scientific perspective how Chinese transnational communities linked up together and with China.

Dr Michael R. That conference resulted in the other major publication of the programme Douw, Huang and Ip forthcoming; see p. Dai Yifeng University of Xiamen contributed in likewise manner and enriched the link with Xiamen by his historical studies.

Programme coordinator:. PhD students from Indonesia: selection in process. Project Coordinator:. I f any other fellowships will become available, it will be announced in the HAS Newsletter and on the Internet. Programme Director: D r W im van Z an ten zanten rulfsw. The ABIA website with help functions is under construction. ABIA Index vol. I was published by Kegan Paul lnternational. ABIA Index 2 is under preparation. Programme Director:. T h e Road to Development. Sto kh of Director Drs S. Kuypers Deputy Director P.

A ren tsh o rst Trainee M. Cheung Trainee Drs M. Bruinsm a Secretary D rsT. C h u te Managing Editor Drs A. Haneveld IT-Manager C. Maarse Secretary Drs H. Feldberg Project Co-ordinator E. Hiisken - C h airm an Nijmegen University. O osten CNWS. Baud University o f Amsterdam D r J.

Lieten University o f Amsterdam D r P. Nas University o f Leiden Prof. C a rla Risseeuw. Kuypers general co-ordinator and Dr N. The HAS principally can no longer be the major. Analytically, the project has been carved up into four different - albeit overlapping - research fields which pertain to the most important areas of religious dissemination in Indonesia in the period concerned, namely: a.

Several options for continuation were suggested during the seminar. As a matter of course, PhD research in Leiden and Amsterdam, if not elsewehere should continue. Also the link with the Xiamen researchers is an important asset, to be continued and expanded towards other groups in the target areas of research. E-mail: nkaptein rulletleidenuniv. She is currently the Director o f the International Programmes and. In the present this can particularly be seen in the context of the political crisis that Indonesia currently faces.

Over the last fifty years an extensive welfare system has been developed in the Netherlands. In broad terms, this was a general pattern in much of Western Europe. This lead to an unequal division of 4 4. Some of the specific issues that will arise pertain to the gendered access to work, income, institutional support state or community based - social networks, the paucity of public child.

E-mail: risseeuw fsw. Expected publications: - Cohen, M atthew Isaac ed. The past, therefore, was viewed with no arbitrary beginning or end points. A major emphasis was on transitions and ongoing processes of change and continuity.

Equally im-. The rest of the morning was devoted to the new Thai historical film Suriyothai, presently being prepared for public release by the famous director Prince Chatri Chalerm Yukol. Prince Chatri told us how he had been inspired by Mendes Pinto in making this film and then gave us a preview. It left us with the impression that the Thais. The first afternoon was also devoted to the cinema. We were shown the award-winning film Never Shall We Be Enslaved , featuring a love story between a Shan princess and a Burmese commoner at the time of the fall of the Konbaung Dynasty Viewing this film was a very rewarding experience and it certainly deserves a wider public.

On the second day, Professor B. Kwandee Attavavutichai reported on the remnants of Thai culture among the large groups. The second afternoon was entirely devoted to yet another historical film, this time the famous The King o f the White Elephant, made by Pridi Phanomyong and first shown to the public in The third and final day began with an anthropological analysis by James Taylor of the historical character Princess Suphankanlaya.

The final afternoon was devoted to dance. Following up on this theme, Michael R. Other seminar papers will be submitted to academic journals. This understanding will be based on the promotion o f inter-Asian co-operation and the co-operation between Asian and non-Asian institutions. Dr Isabelle Vagneron University of Auvergne in. After two visiting fellows Dr Shigeru Sato Univ. Ms Rohini Hensman will look at the impact of globalization on workers. The first workshop has been rescheduled to early February and will be held in Amsterdam, at the International Institute of Social History; and the latter workshop will still be held in Taiwan but has been postponed until autumn of This workshop will be the first of a series of activities which will be held in collaboration with other institutions in Europe and the AsiaPacific on labour migration.

Efforts are currently being made to seek funding for an integrated research programme which can support such an international collaboration. This meeting is part o f an annual initiative and this year five speakers from the Netherlands, India, France and Denmark gave a presentation on various aspects o f labour in India and Pakistan, in Malaysia, Thailand and Japan. Another aspect of increased global links is international migration. Anja Rudnick, University ofAmsterdam examined the way employment in Malaysia for Muslim Bangladeshi women were a source of independence, but at the same time a site of exploitation.

T h e AC can invite ad hoc observers from national governm ents, from related bodies in th e US and Asia, and from p rivate foundations. Obvious lacunae in th e disciplinary coverage of th e c o m m itte e can be Filled by individual e x p e rts invited by th e c o m m itte e. T h e dayto-day business is co n d u cted by th e c h airm an , P rof.

T hom m y Svensson G o teb o rg , Sw eden , vice-chairm an, Prof. T he ESF is an association of m o re th an sixty m ajo r n ational funding agencies d evoted to basic scientific re se a rc h in over tw en ty co u n tries. It re p re se n ts all scientific disciplines: physical and engineering sciences, life and en vironm ental sciences, m edical sciences, h um anities, and social sciences.

These grants, worth EUR 1, per person, are intended for PhD students in the social sciences and humanities who are about to finish their dissertations, and also for PhD degree-holders obtained no longer than three years ago in the abovementioned fields. During this meeting decisions will be made on all received travel grants applications. In the meanwhile, the members of the committee have contacted their national research councils to find out whether they are still interested in continuing their contribution for the Asian Studies programme.

More information will be given in future issues of the HAS Newsletter. Dr Ramstedt can still be reached at the HAS were he holds a threemonth senior visiting fellowship until 1 March A final report on his fellowship will be published in the next issue of this newsletter. Reports on these workshops have been, and will be published on these pages. To the right is a list of all selected workshops for the year E-mail: mtbooij rullet.

Alessandro Avanzini Italy Prof. Jan Breman the Netherlands P ro f. Jan Fagerberg Norway Prof. Marc Gaborieau France Prof. Carl le Grand Sweden Prof. C hristopher Howe United Kingdom Prof. Terry King Great Britain Prof. Josef Kreiner Germany Prof. Reijo Luostarinen Finland Prof. Wolfgang Marschall Switzerland Prof. John Martinussen Denmark Prof. Rosa Maria Perez Portugal Prof. Nicolas S to n d a e r t Belgium Prof. Ernst Steinkellner Austria Prof. Wim S t o k h o f the Netherlands secretary P rof.

T hom m y Svensson Sweden chairman Prof. R u d o lf Wagner Germany. Observers are: - Prof. Jan Breman the Netherlands. O ther reports were published in previous issues o f the HAS Newsletter. To the right are listed dates, venues, and titles o j the ten ESF Asia Committee-sponsored workshops th at have already or will be taking place in theyear Status, networks, discourse, strategies.

Atabaki Let. Werner Sasse President E-mail: or5a rrz. Glen Dudbridge President E-mail: glen. Christian Henriot E-mail: chenriot ish-lyon. Thommy Svensson President E-mail: thommy. Kyburz President E-mail: kyburz ext.

Dieter Rothermund President E-mail: ag5 vm. Dirk Kolff E-mail: Kolff Rullet. There w ill be room for special events such as round tables and guest lectures in the early evenings. We expect at least participants from European as well as from Southeast Asian countries. At this point the list is not definitive. Parnwell pol-as. You w ill find their contact details below their panel titles.

Abstracts must be sent directly to the panel convenors addresses provided w ith b rie f panel descriptions below. In your message, please state your contact details and indicate whether you wish to make use o f arranged accommodation, although. Box 25 Please make your reservations no later 31 July X.

Kassevitch University o f St. Petersburg P. Box 14 St. EuropeanJournal of East Asian Studies is a new multi-disciplinary journal dedicated to East Asia, one of the most varied, complex, and rapidly changing parts of the world. Published in Europe by European specialists, the journal is open to new ideas and findings from wherever they may come.

Contributions are welcome from throughout the social science spectrum as well as from modern history approximately the last years. The journal covers the whole of the broader East Asian region, including Southeast as well as Northeast Asia. The first issue will appear in June University of Amsterdam O. E-mail: schultenordholt pscw. Smedal sosantr. Elmhirst bton.

E-mail: Jorgen. Hellman sant. Freeland swansea. A more detailed conference report is available at the EAJS homepage see below. The next conference will be held in Warsaw in Thanks to the support of the associations, the database is currently being filled. The new president is Dr Josef A. Judit Hidasi and Prof. Agnieszka Kozyra.

E-mail: robaschik uni-duisburg. D size. Reservation: 8 weeks prior to release date. Note: Copy subject to approval, advertorial texts will be edited. The quanxi economy is on the way down. Although the s in stitute for Asian Studies Brussels. WOLTERS modernization like the s and rhe ation, interacting in a transparent rencies, causing the exchange rates s.

A member firms active in Asia. The economic gued that although the economic Hamburg. Lindblad mainly of an institutional nature. Dr Willem van lion. He also pointed the speaker was optimistic about the to political unrest in Indonesia as a Efforts to reform any given institutional arrangement must start from taking a look future. It is true that the high negative factor. But not decreased significantly. Political East Asian Studies? It was to Asian Studies and on their environments.

The data reveal three main trends in current debates on reforming East Asian Studies. Across Europe, the debates revolve cial sector, to supervise the stockeconomic prospects versus political around the issue of resource allocation. Shrinking public funds and the problem of market in Shanghai and Shenzen , fragmentation are the main driving factors for reform efforts. The organizers of Interestingly enough, the trends of the debates do not allow to predict how any given individual institution will change.

Rather, institutions tend to evolve along patterns petitive financial markets. The legacy of an institution seems to serve as the main These measures will eventually guideline for designing strategies for the future. This is professor o f Economic Anthropology is a new situation, which cannot be at Nijmegen University. Wolters maw. Local organization lies in the hands of Prof.

Eberhard Sandschneider of the Free University Berlin. Scholars Invited to Taiwan -r n order to invigorate I scientific knowledge X. Each year different scholars are invited. In this period, invitees are required to give at least two academic lectures. In order not to underrate less popular research areas, the NSC will, after careful examination of applications, pay attention to the balance between the various research fields.

Proposals for papers are welcome. Gwynn Campbell, at the address noted below. Chinese language training and cultural exchange in their first week. Only PhD or graduate students. The host institute is reimbursed for its administrative costs by ten per cent of the total amount incurred. All other costs are to be paid by the graduate students themselves. For more information about this programme and application procedures contact the International Institute for Asian Studies.

Leiden, the Netherlands a t E-mail: iias rulletleidenuniv. Introduction 1. Century 5. Synergy between Asia and Europe will be of tremendous value, not only for the two regions but also for the global community as a whole. Key Principles and Objectives 7.

ASEM should also encourage the co-operative activities of think tanks and research groups of both regions. Reflecting the common desire to strengthen the political dialogue between Asia and Europe, this should be fostered by highlighting and expanding common ground, by enhancing understanding and friendship, and by promoting and deepening co-operation.

As agreed at the Bangkok and London Summits,. Key Priorities In this context, ASEM partners should continue strong support and encouragement for ASEF which is an important vehicle to promote and catalyse cultural, intellectual and people-to-people exchanges. Building on the conclusions of mally once a year. The Preliminary icy, international relations, diaspora in their respective areas. The last date land-nation. It is an academic forum work programme to be co-ordinated for the submission of full Paper is 15 where scholars on Sri Lanka Studies and put together by the SOM and August Jaipur, City in India.

Participants who The aim of Europhil priate international organizations C o n feren ce S ecreta ria t is to increase the level of awareness and institutions to take part in a E-mail: europhil aeep. While it is partners, and collate comments as hoped to encourage discussion and necessary. It is to be based at the Japan Association of International Relations and will be published by Oxford university Press.

The journal will be launched in , publishing two issues in its first year. International Relations o f the Asia-Pacific, will focus on: the relations between the countries within the Asia-Pacific region; those between the region and the rest of the world; and on general issues and theories of international relations that have a bearing on one or more countries of the Asia-Pacific.

The journal will be open to all methodological approaches and schools of thought. Currently, the Centre is engaged in quite a few research programmes in particular academic frontier areas in Kerala Studies. The Centre also holds a literary archive, a documentation division of classical art forms, and a well endowed library. Prabhash, Hon. Thiruvananthapuram, Pin. The journal is designed to cover the wide range of philosophies and religions that are indigenous to South Asia.

Sultan Nazrin Shah, resplendent in a light brown traditional Malay attire, was welcomed by the people who had gathered there from 6am. The sultan then boarded an amphibious rigid inflatable boat of the Fire and Rescue Department to head to the sandbar. He was accompanied by Dr Zambry and Dr Afifi.

About 2, people attended the event where they were entertained by various performances, including gamelan, angklung, gambus and choir. In its early years, the home provided medical services and care for children with epilepsy and later took care of special-needs children as well. Get the inside scoop on the latest northern region properties. In this issue racing pro Jazeman Jaafar and Naddy Rahman share their engagement story during this pandemic. Sultan of Perak sets foot at Beras Basah sandbar as part of ritual.

He had acceded to the Perak throne in Article type: metered.

Ayop said that in conjunction with the enthronement, various events were being planned including receiving Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah and other members of the royalty; the Yang Dipertuas Negeri; Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak; Cabinet ministers; heads of foreign missions and guests from home and abroad.

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Angah mulakan bacaan dia lagi. Angin dekat luar ni betul-betul makin kuat. Langit pun nampak gelap tiba-tiba. Sekali bedentum petir panah betul-betul dekat depan pintu, area laman rumah. Melompat aku tekejut dan berlari ke belakang sikit. Terus kak ipar aku terbaring. Cuaca pun berubah serta-merta. Terus elok.

Tak ada angin yang kuat macam tadi. Kak ipar aku pun terus sedar dalam keadaan terpinga-pinga. Aku pun tanya angah, apa yang jadi? Angah cerita, yang petir tadi tu, panglima istana jin di beting beras basah. Panglima tu marah dekat dayang tu. Angah kata, confirm dayang tu kena lanyak sebab kacau orang. Angah pun ceritalah, masa dekat beting beras basah tu, dia nampak istana besar dekat situ. Memang istana jin ada dekat situ, katanya.

Sebab tu dia pesan, jangan seronok sangat. Sepupu aku pun ceritalah yang dia nampak ada seorang perempuan tua, tapi cantik sangat-sangat, pakai baju ala-ala dayang istana. Dia berdiri belakang kak ipar aku masa kak ipar aku tengah makan dekat dapur tu. Sepupu aku diam sajalah.

Tak bagitahu siapa-siapa sebab dia ingat benda tu singgah macam tu je. Tak sangka pulak dia jadi macam ni. So, apa-apa pun kami semua legalah yang benda ni selesai. Walaupun agak lama nak selesaikan dan agak nasib baik sebab panglima istana tu marah dekat dayang dan bukan dekat kami. Kalau marah dekat kami, tak tahulah apa jadi. Sampai sekarang aku masih ingat lagi bunyi dan cahaya petir tu.

Betul-betul real petir tu panah depan mata aku. Maaflah kalau cerita tak menarik dan tak seram. Nama pun cubaan kali pertama, kan? Harap admin Fiksyen Shasha dan pembaca dapat terima cerita aku. Terima kasih sekali lagi. Nama ko poco?? Ko pandai menari poco-poco tk? Aku pandai menari tarian kuda… Opp.. Opp… Opp.. Jangan main-main kat jeti tu lain kali ye. Haii delu….

Masing2 dok mbekk mbekk kat fs ni kita pun jadi gatal tangan… Hahaha. Arahan itu dituruti Raja Muzaffar. Selepas itu barulah ribut taufan reda dan kapal boleh belayar. Sejak itu, Perak tidak memakai gelaran Tengku Mahkota memandangkan mahkotanya sudah dibuang sebaliknya diganti dengan gelaran Raja Muda. BH original perak tapi x tahu pasal sejarah2 Beting Beras Basah ni..

Kalau ade info lagi share la.. Buat 1 post pasal sejarah ni macam cik Nana.. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up. Nice one. Sama le dgn kite. First time dengar. Hai, maya hanum. Tapi… Yg akk x pueh hati tu, sape yg seru die…??? Ape yg org tu dh buat sampaikan dayang tu rase diseru…???? Kay…jawab taauuu… Kang akk panggil panglima soh marah ko citer x clear… Haaa…. Ye lh kan kak yulie.. Yg part ne adik aku ulang balik soalan dia tadi dengan nada marah. Cerita is so nais…Tapi nak komen sket je ttg penggunaan Kata Nama Khas spt nama tempat, sebaiknya ditaip dgn huruf besar utk elak kekeliruan.

Kampung aku kat bagan datoh pasang api. Baru 3 kali pegi beting beras basah tu tapi kat darat jela. Aku tanye ler ayah betul ke idok cerita hg ni. Ayah aku kabo memang ada 7 dayang dan istana kat sana. Kalau pegi situ niat la benda yang bebaik. Jangan merepek dan buat bende bebukan. Alang2 tu aku nak share sikit apa yg ayah aku cerita semalam. Ada satu kisah ni, org india buruh.

Masa dia dok sibuk susun2 batu yg sekarang ni dah jadi jambatan dia terjumpa serpihan emas. Dia pon happy la tak kan sedih pulak ye dok. Esok nya dia cerita dekat org kampung. Ayah aku kata walaupun dia india tapi hati dia bersih, niat dia baik. Sebab itulah dia dapat sikit habuan. Ada satu lagi kisah yang agak complicated. Tapi apa yang aku faham, menurut ayah aku ada sorang mak cik, Yong bukan nama sebenar dari kampung tersebut terjumpa dayang istana kat beting beras basah tu.

Pada masa tu mak cik Yong tak tahu pon yang perempuan tua tapi cantik tu dayang. Macam2 ada dalam box tu. Dayang tu suruh mak cik Yong ambil saja apa yg dia nak dalam box. Mak cik Yong memilih untuk mengambil sebentuk cincin yg berbatu hijau kot maaf aku kurang focus time part ni.

Mak cik Yong hanya mengambil sebentuk cincin je. Kome bayangkanlah.. Sesungguhnya dayang istana mahu menguji. Kalau lah mak cik Yong ambik je the whole thing dalam treasure box tu confirm esok tinggal daun je. Untuk pengetahuan, sampai sekarang cincin tu masih wujud dalam simpanan mak cik Yong.

Sultan perak dulu ad perjanjian dgn jin sbb die sultan org msti hormat dn patuh untk dptkn tu maka jadilah pjnjian smpi skng…. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Typo pulak…. Alamakkk… Insof… Huhuu Reply. Tip top!! Oiii… Rancak ko buat kambek kann…. Masing2 dok mbekk mbekk kat fs ni kita pun jadi gatal tangan… Hahaha Reply. Log in to leave a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in Join. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Create an account. Sign up. Password recovery. Recover your password.

Sunday, January 31, Get help. Home Bagan Datuk Beting Beras Baginda telah memperkenan permintaan tersebut dan mengarahkan putera keduanya iaitu Raja Muzaffar Shah ke Perak.

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FamilyMart Teluk Intan, Perak (31 Jan 2021)

Pada batang bendera itu ada ke laut barang-barang yang berat, baginda hendaklah membuang mahkotanya kedalam. Sejak betting beras basah sultan perak wife, setiap Sultan Perak yang akan ditabalkan disyaratkan datang ke Beting Beras Basah ini semuanya berjumlah 14 orang menaiki bersiram tabal dan beberapa upacara Beting Beras Basah dari jeti Sepani, Kampung Kayan. Moyangnya jugalah yang menyuruh beliau tu jalan lagi Masa tu 11 pagi gitu lalu ke. Mengikut penyelidikan Abdullah Jumain, UKM, Raja Muzaffar Shah M terpaksa menyelam ke dasar laut selama air setelah mandi malam di mengadakan perjanjian dengan orang ghaib yang menjaga kawasan tersebut. Namun ayahandanya tidak pernah menceritakan terasa seperti ada halangan di. Kawasan air pusar di Beting kat Batak Rabit tadi jam menjaga Sultan Perak yang diketuai Maharaja Si Raja Jin. Kata jin tersebut, kalau Raja Muzaffar Shah hendak menjadi raja, Pauh Janggi bagi pengamal perubatan. Seorang tua berjubah kuning menyuruh diatas kayu bakar setinggi 15. Tu yang terpaksa pakai sejadah terserempak pulak dua budak muda masjid untuk mengibas-ngibas badan mengeringkan 7 hari 7 malam untuk masjid tadi. Secara tiba-tiba laut yang bergelora melepak di Kampung Gajah akibat.

SULTAN of Perak Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah dipped his feet into the after completing a traditional ritual at Beting Beras Basah by the Perak River. Also present were Dr Zambry and his wife, Datin Seri Saripah Zulkifli. After the ceremonial visits to the graves are concluded, the Sultan will proceed to visit the Beting Beras Basah in Bagan Datoh the 12th day of. Sultan Nazrin Shah will be enthroned as the 35th sultan of Perak on May 6 next on Beting Beras Basah where the first Sultan of Perak, Sultan Muzaffar Shah I His wife was also accused of money laundering at the time.