hero of leaf valley horse race betting guide

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Hero of leaf valley horse race betting guide flyers stats plus minus betting

Hero of leaf valley horse race betting guide

This is important because every time you cut a tree, your stamina will continue to decrease rapidly. Especially if your stamina is still short because you have not got the Power Berry to increase it. Each season, except Winter, there will be a horse race in Leaf Valley. In the horse racing event, you can do horse racing bets. Use your money to buy some medals for betting.

Click the triangle button to buy medals at the store in the race area. If the man from the race asks you to pick a bet and then it will show how many medals you would like to buy. Here, you have to guess which rider will win the race. If you win, you will get many medals that are multiplied by the ODDS of the horse racer. The medals you earn from bets can be redeemed with lumber, 2 medals for 1 lumber. So if you have medals, you can trade it for lumbers!

With this, you don't need to work anymore to cut down trees in Woody's logging area. Even so, this way is quite risky. If you lose, you will waste all your money. For example, a racer who has 10 ODDS will often finish on 3 or 4 positions. But it's not always like that, so please try it yourself.

Do you need specific things so that you can finish first? User Info: notedeath. Top Voted Answer. Feed, brush, and talk to it everyday. When it gets old enough to ride start to train it by riding it. Hope that helps User Info: Whitewolf First You need to sign up Take your horse for walk everyday to give a boost on AP to raise his heart. Bring him training at Starling's Ranch every tuesday and thursday. For Short Distance rely on speed, so bring carrots. Always aim for the left most of the race track because it has the shortest distance.

Do not bump on other horses coz it will slow down your horse. User Info: Swordust. The secret in winning horse races lies in two things: training and getting the right items. During Thursdays, go see Bob in his ranch from 9 am to 1 pm. Ask him to train with you. At the end of the session, you're horse's racing stats will increase.

Go bring some useful items on Race Day. For stamina, I recommend bringing Pontata Roots. They can be found using you're dog's ability to search. For speed, bring some mineral carrots.


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