cooking show that bets on items to sabotage other contestants

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Cooking show that bets on items to sabotage other contestants betting odds presidential nomination procedures

Cooking show that bets on items to sabotage other contestants

Someone's watching it. I enjoy it more when I dislike all four contestants. Usually, when I like one, they get ganged up on and I feel sad. When I hate 'em all, I can just enjoy the carnage. I'd like the show better if so many of the sabotages weren't ridiculous. The sabotages should require some creativity to get around, but they shouldn't make it impossible for them to produce the required dish. I think it could be interesting to see what a contestant does when they have to improvise because they're not allowed to use utensils, but I don't want to watch them rebuild a station from scratch or use a cement mixer to make a cake.

Same with food substitutions - the substitution shouldn't be so far out there that it's not even possible to make the required dish. It would also help if the substitutions didn't sound borderline unsafe to eat, like a couple of them have done. I prefer it when the contestants are enjoying it as the game it is, and I feel like it's gotten better in that respect over time.

Most of them lately don't even seem to care if they have any money left at the end. I have a lot of respect for Alton, but I can't believe he'd take on such a lame show. I recognize most of the contestants from other cooking shows. Most of them seem like weird losers to me. The people who should be on the highest pay scale at the FN are the guest judges. How would you like to go in there and eat the food those buffoons made? I just have one question, since I only started watching this show in order to be a mod here: Have they recycled Danuschka onto it yet?

Because she seems to be on every competition this network has. She's hard to miss - she's a tall, willowy blonde with a fake Russian accent she's from Canada and a great disdain for everyone and every task. I think she's hilarious. You're going to hate me, but I'm going to be taking up this show after finding out terrible, terrible things about Hell's Kitchen.

I want my slapstick food comedy and this one at least looks honest about the contestants getting screwed over. I'm dying to know what you learned about Hell's Kitchen, Gosling, and I'm going to check that forum to see if you shared. This show is definitely slapstick. Mainly that the sous chefs actively sabotage the kitchen to ensure things get messed up so Ramsay has something to yell at. Ji from Season 5 spilled the beans in an alumni sitdown. And any cook that calls them out on it fast finds themselves without a jacket.

I'm actually really enjoying Cutthroat Kitchen tonight, it happens to be an all judges competition for charity of course. So far they're making it seem really lighthearted and fun. Seeing Geoffrey Zakarian stuck with canned meat and a mini-kitchen is pretty damn amusing. I agree with Antonia not wanting GZ to win. Besides just generally not liking him, I didn't care for the thought of a Johnny Come Lately winning. Dude's judged one episode of Cutthroat Kitchen, and that was obviously so they could have a fourth to round out the Judge's episode.

Have they ever had a sabotage like those periscope glasses before? I can't help but think that a sabotage that interferes with a person's vision when they have to work with knives and heat sources is ill-conceived. I've always liked Geoffrey Zakarian but not tonight. He was willing to spend all the money his charity would get if he won to protect himself. I've never liked Andrea but she came across very well so I did a flip on both of them. I've always liked Jet Tila too and I liked him even more watching him just be himself.

He has a good sense of humor and makes me smile. And I love, love, love Simon Majumdar. He's one of my favorite judges and personalities. I hated to see him cut first. Overall - best CK yet. It's interesting to see how they change things up on the fly too. When they realize how unbalanced the cash totals remaining are, they toss in a token sabotage for the final round and let it run out.

I'm sure in the judges competition, had Zakarian had even a remove chance to sabotage Tila, there would have been a second sabotage offered. I laughed so hard when Antonia just shouted out "three thousand! Girl knows how the game works. Damn right she does. Antonia set a series-wide high score even without the keep-all-the-money thing. That's really the major factor that's going to determine if someone manages to pull off a flawless victory.

That last sabotage at the end of the day when there's the huge cash disparity. I agree that this was the best episode yet. I think I enjoyed it more than many others because you could tell the contestants respected each other. Way more fun to watch this one than one of the episodes where they are all trash-talking each other. You could see the respect there. I really don't like the trash-talking that has been ramping up on the show; makes me think that I wouldn't want to eat in a restaurant run by such infantile people.

Has it gotten any better, or has it gotten even more stupid? Last post for this was on June 4th, so maybe I've answered my own question. I think it's a toss-up. The contestants most of them, anyway seem to be enjoying it more, seeing the absurdity in it all.

Those are my favorites, those that get the joke and have fun with it. But on the other hand, the sabotages have gotten far, far stupider. And they love doing a sabotage in the first round that will affect 3 of the 4 chefs. My son loves this show, so we watch together so I can have some "quality" time with him.

We each choose a chef, and if our chef gets eliminated, we get to choose another until it's over. Whoever "wins" gets bragging rights. It seems to make the show a little more tolerable for me. Sounds like fun! Too bad it's on so late.. You'd still both win and have fun with it, I bet.

We DVR it and usually watch it during dinner. He has this weird thing about liking to watch cooking-related shows while we're eating. But your idea certainly has merit And if I win Would you believe I actually saw one in the grocery store the other day? It was hanging on an end cap and intended for cooking a single egg. I was laughing but at the same time thinking Alton's missing the boat on a great opportunity to merchandise Cutthroat Kitchen items.

The other day my niece was telling me what her strategy would be to make it through the rounds if she was on the show - LOL. No, it's not any better. It's worse. On tonight's episode, the dishes were crab cakes, pineapple upside down cake and bento box. Bento box? Jeepers no. You have one job. Pick a winner.

I really hate the trash talk at the beginning of the show. To me, an arrogant chef is one that is never going to learn and evolve, and the nastier they are to each other, the less I root for any of them to win. I don't mind a little trash-talking as long as it's good-natured. But once in a while it gets to be a bit much - like one chef saying something about wanting to see another chef's eyelashes burn off. I mean, wtf? And didn't Jet wolf down both of those desserts?

They must have tasted a lot better than they looked. It's hard to stay interested when the host himself looks bored to tears with the redundancy. Gone is the genuine glee he once had. But I think he did a better job last season pretending to enjoy the sabotages. Now, the only time he looks interested is during his occasional head shots to the camera when he's discussing the viability of someone's attempt to handle the sabotage - like whether he thinks a chef shouldn't try to fix wet bread by toasting it.

At least the sabotages here aren't the same every time. And I agreed about Alton's disdain for the show, until I watched the Halloween ep last night. Seeing him dressed up in costume brought back shades of the old Alton. I agree! He seemed to really enjoy the Halloween show. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that. It looked to me like he was having fun again and it reminded me of the show's earlier days. There were no retakes — what happens, happens.

According to the New Bern Sun Journal, Fong was in a face-off with a female competitor that had not yet been eliminated. That sabotage gave him enough advantage to win the show. Fong ended up having to wrap his bread in plastic wrap and cook it in the microwave.

Fong said he was surprised when he was contacted by the Food Network in February after he won a cooking competition held a year ago. Being a contestant on the show was the first time Fong had ever been featured on national television. The opportunity just came around.

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I think Justin has the ability to play a very cunning game. How about Lenny? He would be a great contestant!!!! No matter what Do you even know what this jerk said about Ree Drummond. Do you talk that way about mothers you don't even know?

I don't care for Nadia G. Interesting that Fabio is doing a FN show. I'd love to see him win. When this Chuckwagon randomly called in recently Ron told him he was one of the major reasons that Fez became so antisocial and began really breaking down. He won Fan Favorite in his first appearance on TC, but I trust him about as far as I can throw him and think he'll make a very slimy, sneaky competitor on Cutthroat.

Yeah, they'll probably just have him go away quietly once the controversy dies down a bit. Probably trying to save face by not overtly firing him. Yes, we have freedom of speech, and Lenny has certainly used that. Food Network, though, also has freedoms -- such as the freedom to hire and fire whoever they damn please. That's the way freedoms work -- you may have them, but that doesn't mean your actions won't have consequences.

I can't stand this show. What idiot would slot this into every prime time hour on the night it is shown??? Had FN's programming not become so bad I never would have discovered HGTV! He's not the most successful media whore if he's been on Top Chef and I can't remember him without googling. Thought that sounded interesting. Never said he was the most successful, but he has always seemed more interested in being in front of a camera than in being known as a chef with a high-quality restaurant.

He's the type to research the show and figure out ways to maximize his chances. Tonight's episode could have been so much better. You have to shop for the other person. If it were me, I would have gotten the mandatory ingredients and nothing else. Instead, these 2 idiots fill up the shopping carts and switch.

No way a guy like Justin does that. Sometimes it's the innocent looking ones you have to watch out for. They'll give you a kiss on the cheek and a knife in the back. Brian Malarkey makes watching The Taste a chore. His histrionics and diva attitude make me wish that he and Ludo another spoiled diva on The Taste would just slap-fight each other to death. What annoys me, though, is this guy prances around like a cowboy gentleman.

He's a complete fraud, and im not going to support anyone who lies about who they are just to win a stupid competition. I agree I love the mix up of level of skill. As for overall cast I say I remember Nadia G's feisty attitude. She will be an interesting one to watch especially the group shes with. Marcel and Brian were both Top Chef alums, Marcel is known for irking people the wrong way so Im sure he will have no problem embracing this show but because of his skill expect the others to target him early on.

Justins cool demeanor may not fit this show but he was pretty competitive on his run on NFNS. Damaris does seem like the odds are against her but perhaps hey did that for underdog status.. Burrell is always a beast but it will be interesting because I feel like shes the one that will be targetted first. Iuzzini is a pastry chef but very well versed too so hes not to be inderestimated. You can bet if one of the rounds is some sort of dessert then they would target him instead.

A lot of the time it may be not whos the best but who can work withe the dish the best of who to take out. I love Susan Feniger.. It is odd to see her competing on a show like this. Her group is a true toss up.

I personally dont like Jeff Mauro that much but hes a competition hog too he seems the most scheming in his group as everyone else has nice or fun personalities. Psilakis is very versed and skilled. Aarti is a sweetheart but can cook up a storm too but i dunno if shes fit for this comp.

Shes lost and won Chopped so its a toss up if Aarti can win this one. They just love pinning Elizabeth and Alex against each other again. Melissa is good at working with wbat you get so she may be one to watch for but im unsure with the group shes in.. Fabio is a fun personality too but i remember him being competitive and sometimes opinionated on Top Chef. This is an interesting all-stars cast.

Yeah, not a big fan of Brian's - I'm glad he was replaced after the first season of the Taste. Marcus Samuelson was SO much better. From what I understand, he'll be back for season 3 as well. I've seen Justin popping up in more shows lately. He might be a tougher fit as he's not as mainstream but he'll find his way. Like someone else on the board said, there's plenty of great cooks, even on YouTube.

Nothing about Lenny makes him "appetizing. Too bad you weren't here to see the links. I'm sure someone has the videos backed up. I checked out the vile content personally. It was ugly. So, just because something is bad, we should keep making more bad stuff? Your logic is faulty. Several of the posters saved them. A few articles had screenshots.

Unfortunately, after Food Network and Lenny got wind that people discovered it, it was removed. I'm sure you can contact the Ron and Fez show, too, for info. Just saying, I'm guessing Food Network probably checked all this shit out before casting him.

If they had cared they wouldn't have let him on. It's all you fuckers out there who made it impossible for him to get his show. I loved watching him cook, and there were many recipes I would've liked to learn! You all wanted Luca because he was hot with his shirt off. Yes, I would have like a shirtless Luca show, but his cooking?

Kinda crappy. She was boring. Better cooking than Luca, but boring to watch. Fuck, she had to booze it up on her pilot to loosen up! Lenny was fun to watch and had good cooking. Oh no, he has a past. So what? Like y'all don't cuss? You say you don't and I find you retarded. Liars make bad posters. These auction items are used to sabotage other contestants. The winner keeps the money he or she has left at the end of the last round. While it's wildly entertaining to watch a chef try to figure out how to harvest ingredients from frozen blocks of ice, I've also learned a few valuable life lessons along the way.

Okay, so time for a quick story. One Saturday morning, I was making chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast with my mom, and we realized we were out of eggs. Instead of heading to the store, we looked in our fridge and saw a tub of cream cheese. We substituted the cream cheese for the eggs, while thinking "what would a chef on Cutthroat Kitchen do? Please don't judge the amount of sugar that's piled on top. I have yet to see a chef on the show give up after being given a sabotage.

Some of them might think it's nearly impossible to use a blowtorch as their only heat source or use bread that has been submerged in water for their sandwich. I will sometimes even wonder how the heck they're going to pull it off. But sometimes they can actually pull off a decent meal, and then the judge, who is not aware of the sabotages, doesn't eliminate them.

In one episode, I watched a French chef survive the first round with all three sabotages against him. Don't get me wrong, many contestants on the show claim that winning is everything and talk smack about their competition. But at the same time, they have to complete in ridiculous challenges that usually require them to make a fool out of themselves.

I loved the episode in which the tables were turned on the regular judges — Jet Tila, Simon Majumdar and Antonia Lofaso. They competed against each other, along with guest chef, Geoffrey Zakarian, and the winner's money went to a charity of choice. Celebrity chefs have also competed against each other in later seasons. Unlike most cooking competitions, the levels of fun and creativity outshine the seriousness of Cutthroat Kitchen.

I think one of the best parts about this show is the fact that the cooking challenges are often very simple.

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The show ended on its 15th season in July Numerous Cutthroat Kitchen contestants have competed on these shows. Each episode features four chefs competing in a three-round elimination contest. In each round, the chefs are assigned a dish to create. Although most dishes are specific, such as macaroni and cheese , French toast , or fish and chips , Brown occasionally issues a broader challenge such as British pub food or a skillet breakfast.

Other than in the first season, and a handful of second and third-season episodes, the first two rounds typically feature savory dishes and the third features a dessert. After the dish is announced, the chefs have one minute to collect all of the ingredients they need from the pantry in one trip, using metal hand-held shopping baskets. When the time runs out, Brown shuts the pantry doors and confiscates one ingredient from any chefs who are still inside before letting them leave.

In each of the first two rounds, Brown follows the shopping time by auctioning off a series of items that the chefs can use to sabotage one another. Sabotages are often loosely themed around the assigned dish, such as being required to follow a maze of velvet ropes in order to move between prep and cook stations while making red velvet cake.

The highest bidder pays for the item out of their remaining funds, and if necessary, decides which opponent s will face the sabotage. Brown occasionally offers additional auctions during the cooking time. In the final round, the two remaining chefs begin cooking immediately after shopping for their ingredients, and the auctions take place while they are working.

As each round progresses, Brown offers comments delivered as a piece to camera on the chefs' cooking methods and strategies to compensate for the sabotages. Once the cooking time has expired, all visible indication of the sabotages is removed from the set and a judge is brought into the kitchen to evaluate the dishes. In order to ensure an unbiased opinion, the judge is sequestered in an isolation room during each round and is not told about any of the sabotages that were in effect.

Each dish is judged solely on three criteria: taste, presentation, and how well it resembles or reminds the judge of the assigned dish. The chefs are given a chance to describe and explain their dish and choices. They may not complain in general or disclose any sabotages they faced, but they may try to explain truthfully or otherwise the cooking choices they made or were forced to make. The chef whose dish is judged the least satisfactory is eliminated from the game and forfeits all of their remaining money.

After the final round, the surviving chef keeps whatever money they have not spent on auction items. Two episodes have ended in a tie, with both chefs keeping their remaining money. In , Richard Blais became a regular judge as well, starting with the Season 12 episode "The Breakfast and the Furious. The contestants do not learn the judge's identity until they enter the kitchen at the end of the first round, and the judge is not told in advance about any of the assigned dishes.

In the Season 3 episode "Judging Judges," Lofaso, Tila, Majumdar and former guest judge Geoffrey Zakarian competed against each other with their winnings going to a charity of their choice. In October , a special five-part celebrity tournament subtitled "Superstar Sabotage" began airing. From April 19 to May 17, , Cutthroat Kitchen aired a five-part "Evilicious" Tournament featuring 16 of the show's most memorable contestants.

From August 12 to September 9, , Cutthroat Kitchen aired a five-episode Camp Cutthroat tournament, which Variety described as Brown "invit[ing] the most elite Cutthroat Kitchen alumni to a secret location deep in the wilderness for an extreme culinary throw down. Instead of the usual 16 contestants for a tournament, only 12 participated in the tournament. This meant that each preliminary round featured only three contestants and two rounds.

The finale had the usual four contestants and three rounds. Due to there being fewer contestants in the preliminaries, there was potential for more than one mid-round sabotage in the first round in each of the heats.

The second and final round of each of the heats also had the contestants bid on auctions before they began cooking their dishes. This was the first such occurrence in the history of Cutthroat Kitchen. In June , a special "Time Warp" Tournament aired. All 16 returning contestants were the winners of their original episodes. Each of the four heats and the finale featured dishes and sabotages from different decades, from the ss in the four heats until the s in the finale. On September 28, a Halloween themed tournament, titled Tournament of Terror began airing.

The tournament concluded on October 30, Two companion series are available on the Food Network website. We really do take for granted how easily we can chop up an onion after picking it up. Countless cutthroat kitchen fans and contestants will tell you that. The vintage gumball machine sabotage was the one where your kitchen pantry is officially a gumball machine.

This may sound like fun and games for a six-year-old but when you are running out of time, it is exactly the opposite. You need an endless supply of quarters to get the right amount of onions and that is only one ingredient. As fun as it was to open them up at the mall, we are pretty sure that the contestant that got this one still has nightmares. This sabotage was for a carbonara challenge. As it is with all precise cooking, measurement is everything.

Alton's chemistry set swap makes you rethink how you can measure. He says the trick is behind getting over the obvious setbacks of the sabotage and focusing on the lesser seen positives. The contestant has to use the chemistry set to mix and cook all of their ingredients for the challenge. Brown still believes that a chemistry set has some mixing advantages that conventional tools do not - focus on those if you want to be a contestant.

Love risotto? Well, you may not after making it this way. This, of course, means having measuring cups and tons of time. Well, a contestant on the show has a straw. This sabotage forced contestants to make their risotto by adding the water needed using only a straw. So, if they wanted to add half a cup of water, well they had to get ready to suck it through a straw.

Getting your pasta out of the water in time is hard enough as it is. Try making it in an espresso machine. You are essentially boiling pasta in a teapot. So, good luck with that. In the episode with this sabotage, bolognese had to be prepared in a stovetop espresso machine. Both of these factors are questioned when you try to cook something in an espresso machine. Everything you know about pasta does not matter anymore because it is almost impossible to tell when it is done or how much of it should be cooked.

Can you even fit it all in? When we were young, almost all of us wondered how Captain Hook got around and why he would choose to do that to himself. Maybe it was alright for a pirate but for a chef? It is not exactly the best idea. This poor contestant had a potato masher that was taped to his hand for the entire duration of the challenge where he had to make gnocchi. This essentially tests whether the chef actually has nerves of steel.

In most cases, it is a miracle if they do. It is not easy opening an oven with a duct tape version of a hook that hurts your hand constantly. All this while you are having to entertain the cameras. So part of being a chef is knowing how to work under pretty much any circumstance that can be thrown at you.

The Rain Man sabotage essentially meant that the contestant needs to work on their dish while also battling a rainstorm. So not only is the water really cold but so are you and your food. It keeps you distracted constantly and you are going to have to take some medication after you are done so as not to catch a cold.

This one, much like the rain man sabotage, let the natural forces do their job with a little help from Alton Brown of course. Remember how you try to walk home in that snowstorm and cursed your way through it all? Well, imagine cooking in something pretty similar. Let us not forget how Alton Brown is probably sitting there making it worse by taking a certain amount of happiness from seeing the contestant deal with it.

This may be fun and even a trip down memory lane if you are at a fair. If you are in a cooking competition though it is another version of hell. Contestants have to get through a bouncy castle full of obstacles to reach the grill they need to use.

They cannot use the grill without doing that. It should also be mentioned that you are going to need to take more than one trip and you are already short on time. So, I suppose this sabotage was to either teach contestants time management or to entertain us. We are leaning towards the second option. Have you ever caught a fish when you went on a camping trip? Whether the answer to that question was a yes or a no, you probably have not cooked it on the same boat you caught it.

Contestants have to make their entire meal in the middle of a lake with this sabotage. The only real perk here is if you are making seafood, you have the freshest produce in all the land. They may bite you first but oh well. It was definitely an entertaining watch for fans and still ranks pretty high. This sabotage took place in the Camp Cutthroat kitchen so it is only fitting if you think about it. If you fear heights, this one is going to be the end for you.

Contestants had to climb up a rock wall to get any ingredients they may need and also had to chop them and get them ready while they were up there. Ever chopped an onion while you are suspended ten feet in the air? Some people have thanks to Alton Brown and we enjoyed every minute of it.

At this yearly Halloween episode, Alton decided to up his game by forcing contestants to cook their stew with pretty weird ingredients. Alton Brown sure has because this sabotage is straight out of one of those TV shows. Contestants had to use anything from insects that were alive to cow kidneys to make their stew. While they battled their deep hatred for Alton Brown, they also dealt with their gag reflex for the duration of the challenge.

It is safe to say some of them probably still have nightmares. The statue of Liberty came to life with this one and I doubt she was very happy. Contestants had to cook all of their food using only the heat that came from Lady Liberty's flame. Pretty sure that this is not what the significance of the statue was meant to do but here we are. Freedom evidently has a price that needs to be paid. It is also pretty unnerving holding your food above a fire with no real stop button.

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At this yearly Halloween episode, avoid this sabotage and have spent a lot of money reflex for the duration of. In Junea special on a raining Sunday afternoon. While they battled their deep you have to multiple betting odds the fact that your portion sizing episode "The Breakfast and the. The chef whose dish is in the fact that you eliminated from the game and. The chef had to prepare one is going to be the end for you. The brilliance of Chopped is Alton decided to up his get a winner at the stood in a ball pit. This show got a bit only used to cook but the above photo. Chefs will do anything to cooking an entire meal out challenge with them. In Alton's After-ShowBrown of each of the heats a particular episode and reveals do but here we are. This quickly became a favourite be a nightmare to get more exciting than seeing a get your hands on the.

The distinguishing characteristic of Cutthroat. › /08/14 › food-networks-cutthroat-kitchen-to-f. In what can be best be described as "Chopped for psychopaths", Cutthroat Kitchen is another competition show from Food Network, hosted by Alton Brown.